Types of Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Posted on April 8, 2011 by Sara Hassler, GenerateMyAds.com, Resource Development Manager No Comments

There are two main types of SEO Techniques and they are called, White Hat and Black Hat and are described below.

White Hat SEO

  • Uses techniques Search Engines recommend as good design.
  • Produces results that last a long time.
  • Uses techniques that conform to Search Engine guidelines.
  • Does not use deception to achieve index ranking.
  • Ensures that the content Search Engines index and rank is the same content users see.
  • Creates content for users not Search Engines.
  • Creates content that is easily accessible/readable to the spiders.
  • Does not try to cheat, game or outsmart the algorithm.
  • Offers effective marketing by delivering quality content.
  • Is transparent through its exposure.

Black Hat SEO

  • Uses techniques Search Engines do not approve of.
  • Employs SEO factors that Search Engines attempt to minimize the effect of.
  • Uses Spamdexing tactics like link forms, keyword stuffing and article spinning.
  • Tries to improve PageRank through the use of deceptive tactics.
  • Uses hidden techniques like coloring text similar to background color so it’s invisible to the user.
  • Promotes cloaking which is offering different pages than what the user requested.
  • Uses techniques that force a Search Engine to reduce a website’s ranking, or ban or eliminate a website from it’s database.

Whether you’re a business, organization or individual website-owner it’s important to know what to look for when optimizing your online presence. The key to unlocking the door to Search Engine Optimization, includes using techniques that Search Engines recommend as good design. It’s highly recommended to strive to conform to Search Engine guidelines by using transparent practices. It’s not wise to try and  outsmart, game or deceive a mathematical process like an algorithm because it can force a website to be banned. Results that last a long time include creating high quality content that is easily accessible and readable to the spiders. By focusing on the user and their needs, website owners automatically ensure that the content they post on their website receives a high rank index on all Search Engines.

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By Sara Hassler


Resource Development Manager

Photographic Credit: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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