Automotive Marketing—Making Social Media Marketing Profitable

Posted on July 1, 2011 by Sara Hassler,, Resource Development Manager No Comments
Auto Car Dealer Internet Website Marketing Solutions

Auto Car Dealer Internet Website Marketing Solutions

Automotive Marketing—Making Social Media Marketing Profitable

Auto dealers should feel comfortable in adding social media network sites to their current marketing plans. By following a few simple steps, car dealers can put to use a mix of social media networks that will highlight their automotive marketing efforts. The rules of social media networking on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and others are easy to set up, maintain and profit from. Once an automotive dealer has created their business profile or business fan page there are just a few basic guidelines that should be followed to attract friends and gain followers and contacts. Internet marketing for auto dealers is not as daunting as it may seem. The truth is that any business can become a social media magnet!

One key factor, that will make an auto dealer’s social media marketing efforts successful revolves around listening to their target audience or customers. Making a person-to-person contact is one of the most important aspects of how to engage an audience. While most of us work hard at finding our connections online in a virtual world, its equally important that after those contacts are solidified, that we harness the power of how to; listen effectively, speak with passion, energize others, offer support when it’s needed and embrace the entire process whole-heartedly. Car dealers who embrace their consumers with personal interaction, open the door to a wide variety of marketing methods like; sharing information, updating info on new vehicle models, announcing manufacturer changes and offering technical advice.

How can all of the above, promote a social media campaign for a dealership? The easy answer is that social networks work in a very positive way in that, they build bridges between a product and a prospective buyer. Here are a few simple steps that your automobile dealership can take to build a better social media strategy that turns lookers into buyers..


Listening is an art. Car dealers who listen to their target audience; gather data about customer needs, improve how they communicate, and work at making their customers feel heard. The simple act of listening puts an automobile dealership ahead of another who may NOT be listening. When consumers feel special, they tend to flock to whoever is giving them a good feeling.


Speaking is a science. Dealerships who offer good solid advice and help when needed, are communicating one important message to their customers, that they care. Automotive marketing plans that use communication as a tool, stay in touch with their customers and continually groom their relationships over time.  Car dealers can create a map for their future success by connecting to their customers on a personal level.  Consumers like to buy from businesses they trust. When a dealership communicates openly, that works to build trust with prospective buyers.


Internet marketing for auto dealers is the same as internet marketing for any other business; the deployment of energetic and passionate professionals who saturate the social media networks, is what brings a brand to the forefront. If an auto dealership wants to close in on their competitors, they will work at devising a social media marketing plan that energizes their base customers. Sharing the benefits of working with your dealership, offering service consults, or putting together educational nights like how to change the oil in your car, can energize a group of consumers.  


Support means service. Auto dealers can offer many support systems for their customers. Online social media sites are a great place to; answer questions about products, address complaints, and give general and common-sense advice. Automotive marketing plans should include; new product development, recalls and customer service announcements. Car dealers who show that they support their customers, are also showing that they are interested in long- term relationships. A supportive car dealer is always saying that they care about their customer base, and are hoping to make a personal connection that will last for years. Being supportive builds trust, and trust builds longevity—the longer a customer knows a car dealership, the more likely they are to purchase their vehicle from a dealership they have heard of and know of.  


Embracing a methodology is exciting! Auto dealers can work towards embracing the idea of using social media in a way that builds their brand. Social interaction between businesses and their consumers is about making a good impression that lasts from first meeting, through point of sale, and then to the return purchase. Auto marketing plans that include this type of vision, build their brand’s awareness with repeat customers that enjoy buying from a familiar seller.

Auto dealer sales, start with the branding of a dealership. Online social media networks are an important part of building that consumer base. It takes a lot of time and effort to plan a targeted strategy in the boardroom, however, it takes little time to watch a poor plan crash and burn because it was implemented incorrectly. The World Wide Web, offers auto dealers the chance to show off their goods and services. Automotive marketing can be very easy online when an investment is made in a well-thought out social media campaign.

We welcome new ideas and you might inspire us for our next blog post! Share your thoughts and tips by posting comments for us. Thanks for reading!

By Sara Hassler

Resource Development Manager

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