Vehicles are emotional purchases. They define who we are, what we stand for, and often determine our status in society. Automotive dealerships who want to increase sales and close deals strive to connect with their customers on an emotional level. Cyberlots are the perfect bridge to making that connection.

The facts are:
Current economic conditions have significantly increased consumer interest in Pre-Owned Vehicles.

86% of today’s consumers shop the dealer’s cyber-lot online for a vehicle before deciding to physically visit the dealership; and an auto dealer’s cyber-lot listing has 3 seconds to capture a buyer’s attention.

GenerateMyAds knows that:
Internet-based classified advertising expands the scope of viewership light years beyond the old gold standard of abbreviation-rich, three-line newspaper ads. Digital photography allows sellers to share pictures from every view and angle, but there is no substitute for well-written copy only one proven way to capture you clients’ attention—Well-written targeted sales copy.

A relevant responsive lead-in statement is crucial to a successful call to action. Without relevant responsive copy, dealers suffer lost connections with potential buyers that result in lost sales. Appealing digital images, effective market-pricing and persuasive advertising sales copy increase sales and profits.

Use our expert experience in automobile advertising and REVV UP your sales engines! Call or email us today for a custom service quote!

Let Us Create Your Website Content!


GenerateMyAds’ uses modern-day persuasive advertising methodologies to create or promote an online presence for your business that reflects the philosophy and brand of your automotive dealership.


  • Our team of project managers and copywriters listen to your needs, hear your voice and then create customized marketing copy that speaks to your consumer on a personal level.
  • Our descriptive, humanized ad copy creates an emotional connection for your customers with both the vehicles on your cyber-lot and your dealership. This leads to increased customer contact that can be converted to sales by your in-house team.
  • Our professional copywriters are seasoned and highly qualified personnel who work on behalf of your dealership and in the best interest of your business.


We Create Search Engine Optimized Content For Your Website!

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial component of an overall effective online marketing campaign. Keyword-rich content has been shown to be an essential element of a successful marketing program. GenerateMyAds provides keyword and key phrase-dense content on a continual basis to raise and maintain your placement in all the most popular search engines!



  • Our Search Engine Optimization techniques conform to Search Engine guidelines; and we know exactly what Search Engines recommend and consider good design. Our Copywriters produce content that will enrich your website and cyber-lot.
  • We create content that can withstand the test of time online. Our copywriters write, direct and personalize their content so it attracts your target customer. We work hard to promote your vehicles – saving you time and expensive print ad costs.
  • We write Search Engine Optimized content that is easily accessible and readable to the spiders which drive your website index ranking to a higher level.
  • We use only white-hat techniques that offer your business effective marketing copy by delivering quality content that is fresh – further driving your online ranking in the Search Engines higher.


We Enhance Your Business Social Network!

GenerateMyAds employs Business 2 Business copywriters and editors who are well-versed in social networking that will push your automotive dealer brand to the frontlines on social media network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Your Business Benefits:


  • Our team of social networking experts can blend technology and social interaction to co-create your brand’s value.
  • We can promote your auto dealership as a social authority and establish your business as an expert in your field of service. This influential branding method can influence potential buyers to make their purchases at your dealership.


  • Our social networking packages include reaching out to your customers, offering valuable information, education, news and reports on trends and research saving your business time and money.
  • We help communicate your message and publish content that connects your company to the general public and targeted customers that eliminates the need for costly promotional expenses.

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