Relating Web Content To How Algorithms Function

Posted on April 11, 2011 by Sara Hassler,, Resource Development Manager No Comments

For us we use algorithms every time we log online, most of us don’t realize it, but we are using a highly skilled mathematical function to communicate with our friends on social networking sites. We use algorithms to help us find tonight’s greatest meatloaf recipe and we also rely on an algorithm to generate calculations for us when we type in “dangers of open-heart surgery” in order to learn about a loved one’s upcoming surgical procedure.

The fascinating point is that, what we input dictates what we find. The same goes for the information that’s input into website pages for content. What a business, organization or individual posts on their website in the form of letters, numbers, pictures, videos and more, is what an algorithm will capture to calculate a response. Mathematical algorithmic functions are processes that have helped to make the World Wide Web useful for many people. Businesses, organizations and individuals that can harness the function of a calculation, have the ability to spread their message, sell products and use this technology to their benefit.

By understanding the power of an algorithm’s calculations, websites can fine tune themselves to being mathematical in their own process when creating content that an algorithm will be able to calculate. Content picked up by the internet’s algorithm, is lifted off a website and transported to a search engine’s result list. That search result list is what connects that website’s content, message or product information to a web surfer, new client or prospective buyer.  Ultimately, that connection is what makes web content so important and why an internet algorithm is such a powerful tool.

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By Sara Hassler

Resource Development Manager

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