Online Car Ads – Who’s Writing Them & How They Should Be Written

Posted on May 23, 2011 by Sara Hassler,, Resource Development Manager No Comments

Jim Radogna, President of Dealer Compliance Consultants, Inc. recently posted a very interesting comment on the LinkedIn group Automobile 2.0. Radogna asked ” Whose writing your online ads?”, and describes a vehicle that was advertised as a “Carfax one owner”,  “creampuff”, “garaged” and how these terms can be misleading to a potential buyer and the repercussions of using these statements in advertising a product. Several excellent points that auto dealers need to consider are who they are using  to write their advertising copy, how it’s being written, and how that ad reaches a potential buyer.

Online car ads are by far one of the most important marketing pieces that auto dealers can use to increase their leads on their cyberlots. To include verbiage like ” creampuff”  or ” garaged” is misleading advertising and potential buyers are smart enough to know this.

Here’s a few insider points from our client base:

  • Online car ads are generally written by sales managers, salespeople or admin/marketing associates.
  • Creating car ads to post online is time-consuming and cumbersome.
  • Most car ads are limited to vehicle descriptions only and lack creativity and do not lead the buyer to pick up the phone and contact the dealer or visit in-person to take the vehicle for a test drive. This alone limits the buyer to focusing on price point only when making a decision on what to purchase and who they will purchase from.


  • Our clients have reported that they would rather hire this work out to an ad agency and free up their sales team to making calls, contacting customers and meeting their weekly sales objectives.
  • Ads that inspire a buyer to feel, touch and imagine the vehicle in their driveway, garage or life is what sparks that lead to make a person-to-person contact.
  • Online car ads compete side-by-side on sites like AutoTtrader and others. In order to stand out, our clients have voiced that their ads need to grab their buyers not just list a basic description.
  • With the rules of online advertising today it’s important to follow; search engine algorithms, SEO and SEM White hat tactics, and build ads out that are valuable and effective.
  • Keyword rich car ads are also highly appreciated and recognized as increasing a dealer’s website search engine rank.

All combined, rich search engine optimized, innovative, humanized and persuasive content is what sells vehicles online. Our clients report that buyers know what they’re looking for. Since a vehicle is an emotional purchase and often defines a person in a variety of ways, dealers say they want to make an emotional connection online. Once that connection is made, the lead is generated and the sales team works to close the deal.

For us here at Generate My Ads, we know that an auto dealer has about 3 seconds to capture their buyers attention on their cyberlot. Online car ads can do this if they are crafted properly. Our suggestion is that auto dealers focus on SEO/SEM training, target their clientele appropriately and assign the work of writing car ads to professionals who specialize in online marketing for auto dealers. The benefits are numerous and the profits keep their own wheels turning!

We welcome new ideas and you might inspire us for our next blog post! Share your thoughts and tips by posting comments for us. Thanks for reading!

By Sara Hassler

Resource Development Manager

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