How Auto Dealers Can Craft an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Posted on May 20, 2011 by Sara Hassler,, Resource Development Manager No Comments

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Limp, lifeless, irrelevant and ineffective headlines clutter a message. It’s a turn off to read a headline that doesn’t address your target’s needs.

Examples are:

Poor Quality Headline:

Mustang – 2 Door Coupe, 3.8L, Manual Trans., 6cyl.!

High Quality Headline:

Want To Jet Set Down the Highway in this 3.8L Mustang that goes 0-60 in Seconds?

Creative auto ad copy that matches this headline style:

Let this high power 6 cylinder Stang, cruise you around town in style! All eyes are on your premium alloy wheels that sparkle as you hit the boardwalk in your down-speeds. Take the edge off those hot steamy nights and drive with your fully automatic  hard-top open. Call this hot rod out for double duty because this 2 door coupe sits pretty at fancy affairs and is a work-horse when you need to go on that long-awaited road trip. Your awesome GPS points you in the right direction and your trip computer makes getting there ultra easy! ABS keeps you safe, airbags give you security and your alarm gives you peace of mind. Call or email us today for discount pricing, manufacturer extended warranties and local in-house coupons!

By creating an automotive marketing headline that is highly relevant, simple and specific your target buyer will read on. In our case, our clients are car dealers who need to pump up their use of web copy to highlight their vehicles online in hopes to sell more cars and gain more leads. With thousands… rather, millions of Mustangs from the east coast to the west coast competing for a sale—creative online auto ad copy is what will cause a website viewer to click through to the dealer’s detail page. That same website marketing copy is what will take that new prospective buyer to the next level — the phone call to connect to the dealership. Although standard OEM marketing copy is traditionally what auto dealers have used in the past, it is creative copy that puts the looker into the car for that virutal test drive. Once inside, that buyer will want to know more, and that’s the lead every automotive dealer is hoping their website generates.

Put your website ad copy in the driver seat of your online marketing plan and create content that pulls your buyers in! Check out our online presentation for a spectacular visual display of how social media ad content will benefit your auto dealership and round out your automotive marketing plans… and to see why you should test drive our ad copy service!

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Test Drive Our Ad Copy Service Today!

Test Drive Our Ad Copy Service Today!

Tell us how you craft creative content that sells more cars and you might inspire us for our next blog post! Share your thoughts and tips by posting comments for us. Thanks for reading!

By Sara Hassler

Resource Development Manager

The Premier Car Dealer Solution for Website & Internet Marketing

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