Advertising Copy That Works Through to the Final Sale Part 4

Posted on May 12, 2011 by Sara Hassler,, Resource Development Manager No Comments

Hard-selling and Soft-selling has a variety of different approaches that make them either work or not work. Buyers who are looking for products and/or services like to investigate various options on how they can profit from a purchase. By helping a potential client/buyer make their own decision is one powerful Soft-selling method that works. Knowing that Soft-selling always outsells Hard-selling will make sales professionals successful every time they are in-front of a buyer.

By taking a close look at how the Hard-sell doesn’t work and how well Soft-selling works, sales and marketing professionals can take this information and apply it to how they write sales copy, work on ad campaigns and approach clients in their sales efforts.

Here are a few great points to remember when working on creative materials that involve sales copy:

1. Soft-selling allows buyers to make their own decision.

When buyers feel empowered by the ability to make their own decision, they are more likely to make a purchase. Hard-selling strategies often dictate or tell a buyer they should make a purchase.

Advertising copy that promotes empowerment, offers ideas, creates a feeling of success for the buyer and promotes the qualities that a buyer is looking for in a product or service. Copywriters who focus on the most positive aspects of their product or service help buyers make the choice to purchase.

2. Soft-selling always outsells Hard-selling.

Persuasion works. Forcing a business or person into something they are unsure of does not. Hard-selling pushes a product or service at a buyer and doesn’t offer them the chance to decline the sale. Soft-selling offers a buyer a product or service by allowing them to choose to make the purchase.

Copywriters that apply a Soft-selling technique to their advertising copy use the power of positive persuasion in their writing. They can craft their ad copy to encourage a buyer to make a purchase instead of telling the horrors of what can happen if they decline the purchase. Encouraging copy can simply be letting a buyer know what they can look forward to after their purchase.

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By Sara Hassler

Resource Development Manager

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